An UI design project for a small e-commerce tea shop located in Belgrade, Serbia

Project information

Type: Web Design
Client: Freelance
Date: 17.01.2023

The main objective of this project was to create a user-friendly and visually captivating website that delivers a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for customers. The design aimed to showcase the tea shop's extensive collection of teas and accessories while capturing the essence and character of the brand.

Design Methodology


Gain a thorough knowledge of the tea shop's desired user experience, target audience, and commercial objectives.


Explore ideas with the tea store owner and incorporate their vision and preferences throughout the design process.


Create a distinct logo, a color palette, and typography that reflects the required brand personality.


Create a design style that reflects the values of the tea establishment, integrating clean lines, modern font, and brilliant colors.


Combined the visual identity and brand elements to produce a visually attractive and user-friendly interface.

Brief & Brainstorm

I worked closely with the tea shop's owners during the briefing and brainstorming phase to grasp their vision, goals, and target audience. I learned a lot about the shop's unique selling points, consumer preferences, and intended user experience through in-depth interactions. This data served as the foundation for further design decisions.

Style and Tone

I designed a style and tone that corresponded with the tea shop's brand identification in order to produce a unified and visually appealing website. The chosen style includes aspects of elegance, tranquillity, and natural beauty, expressing the essence of the teas available. The color scheme was earthy and relaxing, while the typography selections emphasized legibility and sophistication.

A sense of refinement was conveyed by the color scheme, which featured soft gradients and muted tones. In order to ensure readability and elegance, the typography choices were carefully chosen to complement the overall aesthetic.


Botanikos® branding was essential in influencing the entire look. I created a unique logo that incorporated botanical themes with a modern touch, expressing the essence of the tea shop. This logo was used constantly throughout the website, enhancing brand identification and providing customers with a sense of familiarity.


Hi-Fi Design

I used the wireframes as a basis to create high-fidelity designs that brought the Botanikos® website to life. The chosen style, branding elements, and carefully researched product pictures were all included into the hi-fi designs. Every aspect was considered, from the positioning of buttons and graphics to the overall visual hierarchy, resulting in an aesthetically attractive and user-friendly interface.


The Botanikos® UI design project was a success in terms of building a user-friendly and visually attractive website for the little e-commerce tea company. I produced a seamless and delightful shopping experience for customers by following a careful design process that included briefing and brainstorming, defining style and tone, establishing branding, designing wireframes, and developing high-fidelity designs.

As a consequence, the tea shop's broad variety of teas and accessories is showcased on an aesthetically appealing website that captures the soul of the brand.