HyperTalent is a unique UI design solution created for Human Resources recruiting management services.

Project information

Type: Web Design
Client: Freelance
Date: 17.01.2023

HyperTalent is a UI design solution that aims to transform the way recruitment management services are conducted.

By leveraging cutting-edge design principles, HyperTalent offers a streamlined and intuitive platform that enhances the experience for HR professionals and job applicants alike.

Design Methodology


Understand client’s vision and requirements.


Collaborate closely with the client to explore ideas and concepts, address pain points and improve the hiring process.


Develop a unified brand identity that communicates trust, dependability, and efficiency.


Visualize user flow through wireframes and create a distinct visual identity with clean lines, modern font, and brilliant colors.


Refined the user interface and incorporate the brand's visual identity to achieve complete hi-fidelity design.

Brief & Brainstorm

To fully grasp the client's vision and requirements, I worked closely with them during the briefing and brainstorming phase.

I learned a lot about the diner tracker's desired aesthetics and functionalities through in-depth discussions. I was then able to match the goals of the client with my design strategy.

Style and Tone

I chose a modern, minimalist design approach to best capture the essence of sophistication and elegance.

A sense of refinement was conveyed by the color scheme, which featured soft gradients and muted tones. In order to ensure readability and elegance, the typography choices were carefully chosen to complement the overall aesthetic.


It was essential for Savory to establish a strong brand identity. I created a distinctive logo that captures the spirit of fine dining. The logo's modern, minimalist style perfectly captures the principles of the company and establishes the tone for the entire user interface.


The diner tracker's layout and structure were heavily influenced by the wireframing stage. I was able to visualize the user flow and guarantee a logical and user-friendly navigation system by creating wireframes. Before moving on to the high-fidelity design stage, this step allowed me to improve the user experience.

Hi-Fi Design

I used visually appealing elements to bring the wireframes to life during the high-fidelity design stage. The user interface was painstakingly designed, with careful consideration given to every aspect, including the location of the buttons and the visual hierarchy of the information. The end result was an engaging and immersive interface that skillfully combined aesthetics and usability.


In conclusion, HyperTalent represents my dedication in creating a cutting-edge UI design solution that revolutionizes recruitment management services. With its visually appealing and user-centric platform, HyperTalent streamlines the hiring process, enhancing the overall experience for HR professionals and job applicants. It sets a new standard in the industry, transforming recruitment management for businesses.